The Nametag Museum
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nametag Museum?
It's a presentation of nametags worn by employees of the various divisions of the Walt Disney Company.

Why did the Museum open?
Nametags are an important part of the history of Disney.  Every Disney employee - 
(they are called Cast Members) wears one as part of their costume.
The Company maintains a large collection of nametags in its Archives, 
but the public cannot access it.  So this is my attempt to show you, as best I can, 
what you would see should you have the incredible luck to visit the Disney Archives.

Who owns the nametags in the Museum?
Beni V. is the owner of the collections in the Museum, and also the curator and webmaster.

Do you have all the nametags that have ever been used by the Company?
No, not at all.  There are hundreds that have been used in the past 50 years.
.  Our collection is small, but growing.

I have a cast member nametag that is not in the Museum, will you buy it?
Yes.  We are always looking for nametags not in the collections.
The more rare and unusual, the better.  Send an email to
Include a detailed description of your nametag, attaching a photo is best, and we'll see what happens.

Are you affiliated with the Walt Disney Company?
No, just an obsessed fan.
Please note that all copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners.

We hear that the curator of the Museum is an Annual Passholder to Disneyland,
even though he lives more than a thousand miles away.  Is this true?
Yes.  Even though the curator does not believe in faeries,
Disneyland is the center of his universe.  As it should be.

Who is this Angelo person you keep referring to?
Next question, please.

Seriously, who is Angelo?
No comment.

Tell us who Angelo is, or we will have to hurt you.
Fine.  Angelo is a friend of the Museum (read: a major part of our collection came from him).
There.  Are you happy now?


Good boy .. look what Daddy has for you!

I can get you any nametag...
...just as long as you don't ask where it comes from or how I got it.


Get thee behind me, Satan...why dost thou tempt be above that which I can bear?